About Us

Psalm 127:3 "...Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing..."


To create a positive environment for the children to exercise their rights, to lead empowered lives and give them a future to look forward to.


Our ultimate responsibility is to ensure that every child in the home be taught the values to be a caring and responsible citizen of Malaysia.


Mdm Goh Lum Eng

Villa Paulos was donated by the late Mdm Goh Lum Eng to the Titular Roman Catholic Bishop Of Melaka-Johor.


His Lordship Bishop Paul Tan, SJ, the Titular Roman Catholic Bishop Of Melaka-Johor has appointed a Board to operate the home to care for and shelter the neglected, exploited, abused, abandoned and orphan children of Malaysia, both boys and girls, aged from 6 years to 18 years old.

We currently provide free lodging, transport for the children to and from school, church and also recruit volunteers for tuition, counseling, medical care and other areas of assistance.

We welcome contributions in cash or in kind.

Please Help us to empower the gift of children.