Dear Benefactors and Friends of Villa Paulos,

Our heartfelt thanks for your sharing in helping the children in Villa Paulos with your unfaltering effort with generous donation and support, without which it could have been very much more difficult to keep Villa Paulos going.

To friends who are new, Villa Paulos is a home-away-from-home for children from very humble families. Villa Paulos was established and is managed by the MELAKA-JOHOR-DIOCESAN OFFICE FOR HUMAN DEVELIOPMENT (MJDOHD) with consensus of the Diocesan Bishop.

What is our MISSION? Ours is not a mission impossible, but a humble mission to be shepherd to the young children. To create and cultivate a secure Christian home environment, a meeting place of minds and hearts where the children know that they are loved, educated and cared for. To have a listening ear when needed and provide guidance and affirmation whilst allowing them the freedom to grow without compromising on the importance of education and discipline.

Villa Paulos has no fixed source income but survive solely on public donation in cash and in kind. Currently we have 22 children in the home though we have experienced and enrolment of 29. The average expenditure is about RM 17,000-00 per month in providing the basic needs for the children and the day to day maintenance of the home.

By stretching out our hands in all directions with pleading eyes is not sufficient. So a FUND RAISING DINNER will be held on 04th July 2015 at the Grand Straits Garden Restaurant, Johor Bahru, tickets at RM 130-00 each are now available. We welcome donation as well as donation in kind for auction and lucky draw. For convenience, donation may be deposited into the home’s bank account


(Donation of RM 500.00 and above will be exempted from Income Tax)

Please help us by soliciting for the much needed support from your parish groups, BEC’s, choirs, professional groupps, your “kakis groups” and more, to make our effort a success.

Thank you

Theresa Lee


Organising Committee

Theresa Lee - 016-7711689

Maureen Yoong - 012-7980965

Paul Netto - 012-7225218

Villa Paulos - 07-2241036